Some Selected Poems in English by Ethiopian Poets: a Stylistic Analysis

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Addis Ababa University


This study is concerned with a stylistic analysis of some selected English poems of three poets; namely Tsegaye G/Medhen, Solomon Deressa and Eyasu Gorfu. This research focuses on how these poets communicate their ideas through language choices. Therefore, the central purpose of this thesis is to explore the language use of the poets and find out how the language conveys meanings in each given poem and bring out the recurrent themes in each poet's work. The method adopted in this study is a stylistic approach. Thus, noting and examining unique features of the poems and their relationships as central too stylistic approach, the analysis of the poems has been systematically carried out. The other aim of this study is to reveal the effectiveness of the stylistic analysis approach in bringing out meaning of the poems and arriving at valid interpretation of literary texts. This thesis has four chapters. The first chapter is a general introduction of the research work. The second chapter surveys different critical reviews and theses related to this research. The third chapter offers an overview of the concepts in focus i.e. it discusses the concepts of style, stylistics and the basic framework of stylistic analysis, which are the analytical tools in the stylistic analysis of the selected poems. The last chapter, which is chapter four deals with the actual analysis of the selected poems. Thus, in section one the poems of Tsegaye G/Medehen are examined with the framework of stylistic analysis. In the second section Solomon Deressa's poems are analysed through the same method and in the third section the poetry of Eyasu Gorfu are scrutinized. In the final section, which is the conclusion part, the findings of the researcher are briefly presented.