Deformation Prediction of Ground Near Deep Excavation Using FEM & Hand Calculation

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Addis Ababa University


Urban development usually require construction close to adjacent structures or directly above underground infrastructure. The excavation for the new structure induces stresses and strain changes on the excavated side and displacements onto the nearby ground and the effects have to be evaluated. In our country especially in Addis Ababa Major Constructions in every direction is now a common practice. So due to these processes the evaluation or calculation of the settlement induced and the different tools of computation are high priority. This research aims at studying the effect of deep excavations on adjacent ground by using both Numerical methods and Hand calculations methods. Finite element based software (PLAXIS) was used for the numerical analysis and three different types of hand calculation methods, by the name of Bowels, Peck and Clough & O’Rourke’s methods, were used. Therefore based on the outputs from these methods it tried to compare & contrast based on the different criteria’s. Also parametric study was done by varying Elastic modulus and observing its impact on three types of soils which are soft clay, stiff clay and sand. Therefore, studying the ground deformation by using the different methods and trying to see their variation on their prediction is believed to be an important step to develop the knowledge gap on this matter.



Geo-Technical Engineering