Web GIS for Tourism Development of Bahir Dar town and Its Surroundings, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa Universty


, An efficient promotion of tourism, not only allows significant gain of foreign currency but also it has an effect in building the image of a country. The tourism industry in Ethiopia is not gaining the expected foreign currency and also it is not promoting the real image of the country as expected. One of the major problems for the development of tourism in the country is promotion for attracting people. The main objective of this study is to develop a web based GIS utility that allows the tourists to have spatial and non spatial tourism information about Bhair dar town anywhere in the internet. This study intends to develop a prototype based on a three tier architecture using client/server paradigm. Apache, Mapserver, PHP, and chameleon are the open source software that are used for developing the portal. Google API also used to enhance the query capability of the tourists directly from the Google satellite image. The developed web based GIS portal enables the tourists to get digital tourist map that contains information about the major tourist spots, hotels, health centers, and transport destinations of the town depending on their needs in easy and user interface way anywhere on the internet. Key words: Tourism, Web GIS, Open source, Google API



Tourism, Web GIS, Open source, Google API