The Perception of Non-Disabled Peers towards the Academic Performance of their Kindred Students with Disabilities: A Case Study of Lideta Sub City Secondary Schools.

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This study intended to assess perceptions of non-disabled peers towards the academic performance of their kindred students with disabilities. The study was held in Lideta sub city’s three governmental secondary schools namely Dejazmach Balcha Abanefso, Hidase Lideta, and Africa Hibret. The study employed qualitative research methods; purposive sampling technique was used to select the sample from principals, guidance whereas random sampling technic was to select the participants from teachers and students respectively. In this way, 39 participants were selected as sample population for this study. Interview and focus group discussion were used as data collection instruments. The data collected were analyzed qualitatively. The major findings show that students without disabilities wrongly perceive the academic performance of students with disabilities; considered that they always need from them, refuse to do activities with them in group because they think that their result will be decreased if they do with them, they consider students with disabilities will never be good in their academic performance if they get enough support from other, refused to cooperate with them due to these students with disabilities lose their confidence, think they are ignored by all, their results become declined comparing with student without disabilities. The findings also indicated that the problems need serious interventions by the concerned people like teachers, principals, guidance and counselors to aware the school communities by giving trainings, awareness, conferences and seminars to minimize wrong perceptions against students with disabilities in order to help students academic performance