Strengths and Pitfalls in the Practice of Student Learning Assessment in Relation to MinimumLearning Competency : The case of Three Second Cycle Schools in North Wollo

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study was to ';nvestigate the practice of student learning assessment in three-s econd cycle primary schools in No rth Wallo Zone. The method employed was descriptive survey method. 292 respondents ji-om the three selected schools and Woreda Education office were used as sources of data. The instruments employed were Questionnaire, Interview and observation checklist. The study revealed that the dominant assessment tools used by teachers in the schools are individual work, homework, group work, oral questioning, a short answer, dis cussion, tests, completing sentences and presentation. Project work, fieldwork and laboratOlY lVork are the least practiced tools in the schools. Checklist, rating scale and anecdotal record are the neglected or unknown assessment tools in the schools. Factors influencing the assessment practice in the schools were lack of commitment of teachers, training and skills, overload, lack oj administrative support, lack of laboratory equipments and surface supervision, neglecting (not attention given) to the guide line materials such as minimum learning competency (MLC) material and assessment guideline for primary school teachers prepared by ICDR as well · as absence of evaluating mechanism for assessment practice in the schools by Woreda education office. Supporting teachers with MLC material and assessment guideline which are found in the Woreda education office and in the schools, giving contim.{ous short trainings to teach~rs, school princip als and vice principals, motivating teachers and students to make them committed to practice student learning assessment, developing awareness of parents about assessment practice and their participation and other recommendable recommendations were forwarded, which the researcher has assumed valuable to improve the practice of student learning assessment in the schools.



Relation to Minimum Learning Competency