Chromosome Study of Six Vernonia Species (Asteraceae) from Central Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Chromosomes of six Vernonia species of the family Asteraceae collected from central part of Ethiopia were studied. The chromosomes were prepared from actively growing root tips by conventional air-dry technique and stained in Giemsa stain. Chromosome counts were made from well spread metaphase plates. All the counts are from somatic cells so that the chromosome numbers are 2n numbers. Chromosome counts of 2n = 20 for Vernonia amygdalina, Vernonia adoensis, Vernonia myriantha and Vernonia schimperi and 2n = 18 for Vernonia leopoldii and Vernonia galamensis were recorded. The karyotypes of the species are more of symmetrical with many median, some submedian chromosomes and only one pair of subterminal chromosomes in Vernonia myriantha. Prometaphase chromosome showed chromosomes with satellite (secondary constriction). The numbers of satellited chromosomes observed were one pair in Vernonia myriantha, Vernonia schimperi, Vernonia leopoldii and Vernonia galamensis and two in Vernonia amygdalina and Vernonia adoensis. The results of this study agree with most of the previous studies on the genus. Keywords: Chromosomes, Karyotype, Vernonia



Chromosomes, Karyotype, Vernonia