Ff:Iviale. St Jden1s Theam Choice And Acadam( Perforlviant' ~J In Tvet And Prf:Papa' Ohy S Bools: The Rase of Sidama Zone In Snnpr

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Addis Ababauniversity


The pU/pose of this study was to examine the str~am ch~i,J a;d .J;~/cJ·~~~:e' Jfji~;i studenls · . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . in TEVT ((nd prepal'CltVly schools of Sid am a Zone. To achieve thi' objective data were collected from 215 female students and 81 teacher respondents using instruments such as questionnaire, interview document analysis and informal disclIssion. The data obtained were analyzed through statistical method (percentage and Zscore) and narrative approaches Findings revealed that parents especially mothers have great influence on daughters field of study choice. School agents-teachers and guidance counselors plays less role than parents in guiding girls in field of study choice. The finding also indicates that the major reason for preference IVas academic performance and fields potential for future developmenl. Lack of competenc), in mathematics and science (physical science has strong repercussion on the selectioll o.(tl'Clditional masculinefieldsfor females. l(egarding achievement pattern result a significant difference is observed between male and f ell/ule srudenfs in preparatory subjects, where as in TVET 110 Significant difference in (/chi('l'(~mel1t is seel1 between the two sexes except in Industrial technology and Constrllction fields. rls to the ./e/ tors iJ?/lllencing girls' academic performance, eCOJ1ornic problem ', domestic works and lack of interest are the major factors ident~/ied by female students. 7/) increase } :':lIIo/e students enJ'U/lJllent in traditiol1ul J}lCIsculine .field studies and enliance tlieir peJ:!c)}'/nw/(;e in rVET and prep({l'({tvIY intervenfion strctlegies such as JJJ'oviding economic and IIIC/ferials illcc:ntil'e. strengthening guidance and counseling services, prolllo/ing f!,ender sensitization pJ'UgruJJ1 are sugge ·ted



Tvet And Prf:Papa' Ohy S Bools: The Rase of Sidama Zone In Snnpr