The Effect of Reward Management on Employees Motivation in Case of Ethio Telecom

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Addis Ababa University


This basic aim of this paper to identify and investigate the effect of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards on employees' motivation in Ethio Telecom. As per the researcher made mini survey, the reward system of Ethio Telecom does not motivate its employees due to task in the job routine and limited, no job rotation and enlargement, limited career path and low opportunity to get promotion. The study followed mostly a quantitative and some qualitative approach to achieve the objectives of this study by describing and identifying the relation and effect of reward up on employee motivation. There were 11 independent variables were taken for this study. These are from intrinsic reward (Task and skill variety, Achievement, Opportunity for career growth, Responsibility, Autonomy, Job rotation and enlargement) ; from extrinsic reward ( Payment, Promotion, Working condition, Benefit package and recognition.). A standardized and well-structured questionnaire was used to measure the responses on a five level likert scale. Questionnaire was sent to 365 respondents in printed form and 324 collected and this is about 89%. The responses were analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 15.0 such as multiple regressions, The Pearson Product Moment correlation coefficient and descriptive statistics were used. For the descriptive statistics, graphical illustrations and table were used to provide information on key demographic variables in this study. The study confirmed existence of positive significant relationship between the total reward and employee motivation through correlation analysis and also it confirmed that total reward (intrinsic and extrinsic reward) has significant effect on employee motivation through multiple regression. Key word: Intrinsic Reward, Extrinsic Reward and Employee motivation.



Intrinsic Reward, Extrinsic Reward, Employee motivation