Comparative Study of Students' Assessment in General Mechanics in Three Tvet Colleges in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This study, aimed to describe and analyze the existing assessment practices in General Mechanics in TVET sector in a comparative manner among some selected Government, private and NGO Colleges in Addis Ababa and the contribution of the assessment practices toward the enhancement of quality learning. The sample participants of the study were 24 instructors and 18 students, enrolled at 10 + 3 program in 2007/08 academic calendar from the three selected private, Government and NGO Colleges. Interview and Focused Group Discussion were conducted, questionnaire is administered to find out how assessment is conducted and how the information gleaned from the assessment is used and how often the instructors exercise the assessment formatively as an integral part of the teaching and learning process with respect to students' involvement in the learning, modeling of quality work, giving feedback and self assessment. Document analysis is also undertaken. Both the quantitative and qualitative data collected are analyzed and interpreted. The qualitative data are transcribed, translated, categorized and coded into recognizable themes. The tests and examination papers were also analyzed in terms of their content. The study finds out that the assessment on both students' theoretical knowledge and the practical skills in continuous manner is the practice that promotes quality. The weak areas addressed in the study are that formative assessment lacks detailed criteria and achievement is not evaluated against prescribed learning outcomes. Besides, there is no meaningful involvement of learners in the learning. There is also a lack of self assessment and the test papers inclined to focus on the cognitive aspect oflearning. The study recommends that assessment primarily needs to focus on the progress towards the objective performance requirements rather than comparison between individuals. It is also needed to be done formatively with clear intention and teachers adjust their teaching accordingly. Students are needed to have involvement in peer assessment.



Comparative Study of Students', Assessment in General Mechanics