The Psychosocial Behaviour of AIDS Orphans: The Case of AIDS Orphans in Five Organizations in Awassa

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Addis Ababa University


The major target of this study is to describe the core factors that influence the psychosocial behaviour of AIDS orphans. And the extent to which these factors (independent variables) like social and psychological needs, and stigma and discrimination contribute to the emotional, social and personal behaviour of AIDS orphans is examined. Moreover, the research has tried to see if significant difference exists between male and female AIDS orphans and AIDS orphans getting varied support on their psychosocial behaviour.180 AIDS orphans and 60 guardians or caretakers are selected from five non - governmental organizations working with AIDS orphans in Awassa, namely ABS, MJATD, OSSA, TAWLWH and TBEAOYA. Questionnaires were distributed to all the sample population and interview and FGD was employed. Correlation technique was employed to see the level of significance of the relationship between the dependent variables and the independent ones. Moreover, the regression was calculated to see the extent to which the independent variables predict the dependent ones. ANOVA was run to see if significant difference exists between the male and female AIDS orphans on their psychosocial behaviour. Finally, T-test was calculated to see if there exists significant difference between those getting varied support on their psychosocial behaviour. The correlation between the dependent and independent variables revealed that there is significant relationship between the social and psychological needs and the emotional, personal and social behaviour. Where as the existence of stigma and discrimination has shown negative and insignificant correlation with the dependent variables. The regression has also revealed that the independent variables predict the dependent ones to a great extent (25% on average). The ANOVA calculated shows that there is no significant difference between male and female AIDS orphans in their social and personal behaviour, while it shows significant difference in their emotional behaviour. The T-test calculated has revealed significant difference between children in ABS; and those getting support from IT on their social, emotional and personal behaviour due to the varied support they get, which is also revealed in the significant difference exhibited in the fulfilment of the social and psychological needs. But the stigma and discrimination in the organizations remained constant.



psychosocial behaviour of AIDS orphans