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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2016Factors Affecting Tax Compliance of Small and Medium Business Profit Taxpayers in Addis AbabaLaxmikantham Padakanti (PhD.); Ketema, Derar
15-Jun-2016Public Rental Housing as Housing Delivery Strategy in Addis Ababa: The Case of Apartments Constructed by Agency for Government Houses (AGH)Yonas Alemayehu Soressa; Yehanew Hailu Habtamu
Oct-2016Effect of sample height on stress-strain behavior of undrained shear strength of red clay soil in Addis Ababa using UCS testSamuel Tadesse (PhD); Soressa, Merga
Jun-2016An Alternative for Stabilization of Addis Ababa Expansive Soil by Crushed and Natural SandAlemayehu Teferra (Prof.); Hiwot, Simon
Oct-2016An Integrated Approach to Water Supply Planning: Case of Addis Ababa (Nifas Silk Lafto sub city)Mebrate TAffesse (PhD); Amsal, Eyassu
Jul-2016Integration of Light Rail Transit with other Public Transport Modes: The case of East-West light Rail Transit Corridor in Addis AbabaBikila Teklu (PhD); Bizunesh, Aimero
Jun-2016Food Waste management in some selected hotels at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and their consequences.Prof. Gulelat Desse Haki; Ass. Prof. Tilahun Bekele; Nemera, Teferi
Aug-2016Diversity and Relative Abundance of Birds in Six Selected Church Forests Located in Addis AbabaDr. Tilaye Wube; Adera, Tebekew
Oct-2016Guide Line for the Selection of Safe and Economical Types of Reinforced Concrete Foundation for Different Buildings Constructed on Expansive Soil of Addis AbabaAlemayehu Teferra (Prof.); Hailemariam, Girma
Jun-2016Soaked CBR Value Determination From Laboratory DCP Test for Addis Ababa Red Clay SoilSamuel Tadesse (PhD); Ashenafi, Mulugeta