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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2006A Study of Source Consideration and News Selection in Ethiopian TelevisionNicola Jones (PhD); Teka Zewdie (PhD); Dibaba, Getachew
Nov-2006Comparative Content Analysis of State and Privately-owned Amharic Newspapers Based on Journalistic Ethical issuesBerhanu Tibebu; G/selassie, Asgedom
Jul-2006Communication and Girls' Education: The Case of the Sidama Ethnic GroupVaidyanathan Natarajan (PhD); Larry Strelitz (Prof.); Dejene, Fikerte
Jul-2006Analysis of the Nature and Magnitude of HIV/AIDS Coverage in Ethiopian Newspapers: The Case of Addis Admas and Addis ZemenHabtamu Wondimu (Prof.); Mekuria, Anteneh
Nov-2006Ethiopian Government’s Management of the Media during the Ethio-Eritrean War 1998-2000Yacob Arsano (PhD); Fitsum, Blen
Jul-2006A Study on Trends and Communicative Potentials of “Dagu” For HIV/AIDS Communication in the Afar RegionGebremedhin Simon (PhD); Menber, Gulilat
Jul-2006Life Skill and its Contribution to Competent Workforce Development: The Case of Sociology and Social Anthropology and Psychology Undergraduate Students in Addis Ababa UniversityAlice K. Johnson (PhD); Abebe, Assefa
Jul-2006The Professional Orientation of Journalists in Ethiopia: survey of their self-perceptionAbiyi Abraham Ford (Prof.); Olana, Birhanu
Jul-2006The Influence of Ethiopian Television HIV/AIDS Spot on the ViewersVaidyanathan Natarajan (PhD); Mekuria, Hinsene
Jun-2006Practice of Inter-Country Adoption in EthiopiaDonna Peras (Prof.); Tenagane, Alemu