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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2001The Altruistic Behaviors of Home-Reared, Institutionalized and Street ChildrenDr. Habtegiorgis Berhane; .Aragaw, Biru
Jun-2001The Attitudes of Students with Visual Impairments towards Physical EducationDr. Yusuf Omer; Degefa, Abdi
May-2001The Altruistic Behaviors Of Home-Reared Institutionlized And Street ChildrenDr. Habtegiorgis Berhane; Aragaw, Biru
Jun-2001ተማሪዎች ለሚጽፏቸው ድርሰቶች በመምህራን የሚሰጡ ምላሾች የተማሪዎችን ድርሰት የመጻፍ ችሎት በማሻሻል ረገድ ያላቸው ተጽዕኖ (በአማራ ክልል በሚገኘት የባህር ዳርና የመረዓዊ መሰናዶ ትምህርት ቤቶች)አማካሪ ፤ ጌታቸው እንዳላማው; አስካል, ማናዪ
Jun-2001Coping Strategies and Caring Styles Of Parents of Children With Mental Retardation (The Case of Four Parents). Dr. Tcka Zewudie,; Aschalew, Mesfin
Jun-2001Studies on Pion Compton Scattering and Pion Electroproduction in the Framework of Scalar ElectrodynamicsDr. Shashank Bhatnagar; Mengesha, Elias
Jun-2001An Ecological Study of the Pattern of Plant Species Diversity Around Lake Manyara, Northern TanzaniaDr. Tamrat Bekele; Ntalwila, Janemary
Jul-2001Hydrogeological Investigation of the Upper and Middle Borkena River Catchment, Northern Ethiopia, WolloDr. Tenalem Ayenew; Sahele, Mesfin
Jun-2001Quantum Analysis of Coherently Driven Three-Level LasersDr. Fesseha Kassahun; Demissie, Driba
May-2001The De Haas - Van Alphen Effect in Layered ConductorsDr. Tesgera Bedassa; Mekonnen, Mesfin