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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Dec-1999The effect of maternal work on the nutritional status of mothers and childrenDr. Yemane Berhane; Samrawit Negussie
Jun-1999Anaysis Of The Development And Validation Of An Entrance Examination In Arbaminch Teacher Training Instituteadvisor Dr. Ayele Meshesha,; Workinehe, TEMAMO
Jun-1999Self- Esteem. Sex and Family Structure As Predicators or Academic Achievement The Case of Sod do Comprehensive Secondary School StudentsDr. Habtamu Wondimu.; Solomon, Lemma
Jun-1999The Ictive Valipreddity Op Th Selection Criteria Op Ethiopian Air Lines Aviation Maintenance Technicians School (Eal - Ants), Dr. S.K. Bhalla; .Shenkute, Mamo
May-1999Differences In Self-Esteem Among High School Students As A Function Of Home Environment And School Performance In Sidama ZoneDr. Darge wole; Efrem, Milkias
Jun-1999The Predictive Validity of Selection Criteria Used For Nursing Schools: The Case OfDr. Ayele Meshesha; KASSIM, KIMO
May-1999Husband-Wife Discourse Upon Family Planning As Correlates Of Desired Fertility: The Case Of Enemorna-Ener WeredaDr. Habtegiorgis Berhane; Kifle, Zeleke
Jun-1999Synthesis and Characterization of Different Ion-pairs (Co(PY)4cl2) +X- and measurement of association and aquation rate constants.Dr. Negussie Retta; Kebede, Zerihun
Jun-1999The Implications Of Decentralization For Educational Planning In A Transition From A Centralized Toa Federal State: The Case Of Ethiopia University Of PitfsburghJohn C. Weidman (Dr); Tadesse, Negash
21-May-1999Morphological and Biochemical Diversity of Grasspea (Lathyrus Sativus L.) in EthiopiaProf. Endashaw Bekele; Tadesse, Wuletaw