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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1990Teachers‘Estimation of Test Items Difficulty As An Indictor of Their Prior Knowledge of Students Academic PerformanceDr. Habtanu Wondinu; : Hailu, Sime
Jun-1990Resettlers’ Achievement Motive In Some Select Ed Localities Of The Former Keffa Administrative RegionDr. Darge Hole,; Tesfa, Zewdie
Jun-1990Resettle’s’ Achievement Motive In Some Selected Localities Former Keffa Of The Administrative RegionTesfa, Zewdie
May-1990Warranty against defects in the thing under the Ethiopian law of salesIbrahim Idris( ATO); Jiregna, Lemessa
Jun-1990Engineering Geological Characteristics of the Clay Soils of Bole Area, their Distribution and Practical ImportanceProf. Barbara Grabowska-Olszewska; Ayalew, Lulseged
Jun-1990Some Physico-Chemical Factors Affecting Cellulase Amo Beta-Glucosidase Production and Activity by Penicilllum Sp BDCC-2Dr. Berhanu A. Gashe; Yimam, Erku
Jun-1990The Influence Of Different Types, Of Secondary Schooling On The Acadenic Ace-Tieveivitint Of Students In Higher Education, Dr. Ayele Meshesha,; Takele, G/Kidan
Jun-1990Experimental Study of Charge Distribution in Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (Mos) StructureDr. P. Hrushka; G/Mariam, Mebratu
10-Jun-1990Agricultural Multivariate Stratified Sample Survey with Applications to a Food Supply SystemDr.Alemayehu Melaku; ZEWGE, GENENE
Jun-1990Investigation of Academic Staff Structure in the College of Social Science using Markov Models and Adaption of a Computer Program for Analysis and Subsequent ApplicationProf. Ayenew Ejigu; Gorfe, Negussie