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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017Cellular Automata Model Based Urban Sprawl MappingDr. Binyam Tesfaw; Kidane, Berhanu
Jun-2010GIS-Based Conservation Priority Area Identification in Mojo River Watershed On the Basis of Erosion RiskDr. Mekuria Argaw; Kiflu, Gudeta
1-Oct-2007Analysis of Biomass Degradation as an Indicator of Environmental Challenge of Bilate of Environmental Challenge of BilateDr. Dagnachew Legesse; Degelo, Sendabo
Jul-2008Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) for Petroleum Exploration in Ogaden Basin: EthiopiaDr. Balemual Atnafu; Beresa, Edessa
Jun-2010Web GIS in Decision Support to Control Malaria, Case Study in Tiro Afeta Woreda, Oromia Region, EthiopiaDr. Dagnachew Legesse; Mebratu, Meron
Jun-2010Agricultural Drought Assessment Using Remote Sensing and GIS TechniquesDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Gizachew, Legesse
Jul-2009Mapping Hydrothermally Altered Rocks and Lineament Analysis through Digital Enhancement of Aster Data Case Study: Kemashi Area, Western EthiopiaDr. Dagnachew Legesse; Fantaye, Abera
Mar-2011GIS and Remote Sensing Based Malaria Risk Mapping In Fentale Woreda, East Shoa Zone, EthiopiaDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Alemayehu, Lemessa
Nov-2016GIS and Remote Sensing Based Suitable Site Selection for Solid Waste DisposalDr. Getachew Berhan; Dr. Mekuria Argaw; Ali, Aden
1-Jun-2016Assessing the Impact of Watershed Development Programs on Soil Erosion and Biomass Production Using Remote Sensing and GIS: The Case of Yezat Watershed, West Gojam Zone of Amhara Region, EthiopiaDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Dr. Sridhar Gummadi; Lemlem, Tadesse