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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Human Rights of Exogenous Ethnic Minorities in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (The case of Harari People’s State)Getachew Assefa (Assist. Prof.); Endaweke, Tsegaw
Jan-2010Ethiopia's Ethnic Federalism and The Political Rights of Non-indigenous Regional Minorities: The Case of Benishangul Gumuz Regional StateDr. Solomon Ayele; Beza, Dessalegn
Dec-2010Prosecution of Crimes against Humanity and Genocide in Africa: A Comparative AnalysisAdvisor: - Daniel Alemu (LL.D); Fekade, Alemayhu
May-2007Damages as regulated under the ethiopian law of sales A case oriented analysisAbera Degefa; Belaynesh, Achenef
May-1990Warranty against defects in the thing under the Ethiopian law of salesIbrahim Idris( ATO); Jiregna, Lemessa
May-2000Breach of warranty and its remedie under ethiopian sales lawZekarias Keneeaa (AtÖ); Surra, Saketa
Apr-1998The law and the practice relating to sale of motor vehicles in EthiopiaZekarias Kene (Ato); Yazachew, Belew
May-2000The role of delivery in the transfer of ownership and risks in sale of corporeal chattels under Ethiopian law: a comparative study.Zekarias Keneaa (Assistant Professor); Yonas, Tesfa
May-2005The problems of incentive regimes of private Foreign investment s in ethiopiaz the Law and the practiceHarold Dorsey (Asst Prof); Assefa, Ali
Jun-2015Powers and Liabilities of Board of Directors under Commercial Code of Ethiopia: Law and Practice (Partial Fulfillment for LL.M)Berhane Öhebray (Dr); Kdene, Gurmu