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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017Agricultural Drought Risk Area Assessment and Mapping Using Remote Sensing and GIS: A Case Study of West Hararge Zone, EthiopiaDr. Binyam Tesfaw; Negassa, Wondwosan
May-2017Groundwater Potential and Recharge Zone Mapping by using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques in the Case of Middle Awash River Basins, EthiopiaDr. Binyam Tesfaw; Lammesa, Bane
Dec-2016Accessibility and Suitability Analysis of Light Rail Station Location by using (AHP) and GIS: Case study on Existing and Future Expansion of Addis Ababa LRT RespectivelyAlemayehu Ambo (PhD); Gomeju, Taye
Oct-2002Morphological, Agronomic and Biochemical Characterization of Trifolium Steudneri Schweinf., an Indigenous Species in EthiopiaDr. Jean Hanson; Dr. Ensermu Kelbessa; Ayalew, Yetneberk
Jun-2006GIS Applications in Suitability Modeling for Livestock Production in Tana Sub Basin-Blue Nile River Basin, EthiopiaDr. Dagnachew Legesse; Dr. Don Peden; Dr. Girma Taddese; Dr. Sileshi Bekele; Abebe, Alemayehu
May-2016Assessment of Water Quality (The Case Study of Adama Town)Geremew Sahilu (PhD); Abreham, Gebissa
Jun-2010GIS and Remote Sensing Based Assessment of Malaria Risk Mapping for Boricha Woreda, EthiopiaDr. Dagnachew Legesse; Aster, Tiruneh
Jun-2010Eeospatial Approach for Ecotourism Development: A Case of Bale Mountains National Park, EthiopiaDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Kebede, Tewodros
Jul-2010Land Use and Land Cover Analysis and Modeling in South Western Ethiopia: The Case of Selected Resettlement Kebeles in Gimbo WoredaDr. Mekuria Argaw; Behailu, assefa
Jul-2005Internet-GIS: An application to Real Estate and Housing Management in the City Government of Addis Ababa (CGAA)Dr. Solomon Atnafu; Belay, Ayalew