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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2000Magnitude And Causes Of Educational Wastage The Case Of Benishangul GumuzZenebe Minale (aTO); Taye, Amssalu
Jun-2005Job Satisfaction Among Employees Of Oromia Education And Capacity Building Bureau And Its Zonal OfficesAyalew Shibeshi, (Ato ); Mengistu, Haile
Jun-2002A Study On Authority And Responsibility Distribution In Educational Planning And Management In Amhara National Regional StateSeyoum Teferra, (Professor); Senay, Zegeye
Jun-1996Public Participation In The Educational Operation In Schools Of Central Ethiopia: A Systems Approach. Zaudneh Yimtatu, (Dr); Tadesse, Mekuria
Jun-2009Teachers' Perceptions And Practices Of Continuous Professional Development: The Case Of Selected Primary Schools In Jtmma ZoneFirdisa Jebesa (Ato); Ewnetu, Hailu
Jun-2013Involvement of Secondary School Teachers in Action Research: The Case of Misrak Goh Secondary SchoolFirdissa Jebessa( Dr); Solomon, Mekebib
Jun-2000Problems of` Educatiqnal Finapince, In Selecteo Guvernment Sejdondary Sci-Iuols In Addis Ababa In Line With The Financial Policy 0f 1 996Yalew Engiduyehu (Dr); Bnlay, Negese
Jun-2000A Survey of Factors Contributing To Dropout In Primary Schools Of North WelloDegarege Minale (Ato); Endris, Ayalew
Jun-2000Fact Ors That Affect Working Relationship Of Woreda Education Officers And Secondary School Principals In West Shoa ZoneZenebe Baraki (Ato).; Dereie, Zewdie
Jun-2000Evaluation Of The Instructional Radio Programme In Selected Primary Schools In North WolloGirmay Berhe(Ato ); Mohammed, Abdu