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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2011Chemical Stabilization of Expansive Sub-grade Soil Performance Evaluation on Selected Road Section in North eastern Addis AbabaDr. Tarun Kumar Raghuvanshi; Habtamu, Solomon
Nov-2007Chemical Composition and Air Trajectory Analyses of Atmospheric Pollutants from Precipitation Samples in Addis AbabaDr. Gizaw Mengistu; Haileselassie, GebreMariam
26-Jun-2017Identification and Conservation of Sustainable Urban Heritage Landscapes: Developing a Heritage Sensitive Urban Planning Framework for Addis AbabaTadesse Girmay; Bekele, Matiyas
Feb-2017Downlink Performance Evaluation of Coordinated Multi-Point: The Case of Addis Ababa LTE NetworkDereje Hailemariam (PhD); Co-Advisor Dinkesa Aga (Mr.); Sisay, Beyene
Jun-2006Microbiological Quality and Safety of Commercially Produced Sausages in Addis AbabaProf. Mogessie Ashenafi; Assaye, Hirut
Aug-2013Evaluation of Drainage system in Kebena stream catchment, Addis AbabaSemu Ayalew (PhD); Eskedar, Tafete
Oct-2016Effect of sample height on stress-strain behavior of undrained shear strength of red clay soil in Addis Ababa using UCS testSamuel Tadesse (PhD); Soressa, Merga
Jul-2011Intestinal Parasite Contamination of Raw Vegetables from Selected Farms and Markets in Addis Ababa, EthiopiaProf. Beyene Petros; Mahlet, Habtu
Sep-2015Building Maintenance Management Practice in Public Hospital Buildings of Addis AbabaAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Mekdes, Sahelu
Jun-2015Anthropometric Furniture Design For 1st Cycle Elementary Schools in Addis AbabaBirhanu Beshah (PhD); Kassu Jilcha (Mr) Co-Advisor; Abubeker, Oumer