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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-May-2017The effect of performance appraisal on Employee performance: The case of united bank s.coWubshet Bekalu (PhD); Birhanu, Fantu
14-Jun-2017The effect of reward practices on employee motivation in Dashen bank s.c.Abraraw Chane (PhD); Biruk, Abera
21-Jun-2017Effects of leadership style on job satisfaction at Heineken EthiopiaSolomon Markos (PhD); Bezawit, Mulugeta
26-May-2017Factors influenecing employee intention To turnover at commercial bank of EthiopiaWubshet Bekalu (PhD); Birknesh, Gemechu
Jun-2014Practices and problems of human resource training and development scheme in Selam children`s village at Addis AbabaAto Alemayehu Debebe; YEMATAW, KIBRET
Jun-2017Effects Of Supplier Relationship Management On Timely Delivery And Quality Of Products In Commercial Banks In EthiopiaMatiwos Ensermu (PhD); Adugna, Abebe
Jun-2017Determinants Of Multimodal Transport Effectivness: The Case Of Ethiopian Shipping And Logistics Services EnterpriseMatiwosEnsermu (PhD); Aklile, Mulugeta
Jun-2014Assessment of the implementation of industry extension services and challenges; the case of selected technical and vocational education and training institutions in Guraghe zoneProf. Girma Zewdie; FITA, WAYALE
May-2014Managing resistance to organizational change in Oromia forest and wildlife enterpriseDr. Befekadu Zeleke; MERGA, TEGEGN
5-Jun-2017The effect of employee promotion Practice on job satisfaction: in the case Of Dashen bank s.c.Fesseha Afework(Ass.Professor); Abreham, Tadesse