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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2007Students' Mathematics Achievement As A Function Of Attitude, Gender, Parents' Education Level, And Parents' Locality In The General Secondary Schools Of Awl ZoneTamirie Andualem(Ato); Gebre, Tibebu
Aug-2013School Teachers' Career Commitment in Private and Government CentersGirma Lemma (Ato); Hiwot, Berhanu
Jun-2017Exploring the Prevention, Protection and Service Provision measures undertaken for the Abandonment of FGM in Damot Fulasa District of Wolayta Zone, SNNPR, EthiopiaMeseret Kassahun(Dr); Eyob, Tamene
17-Dec-2008Evaluation of On-Farm Composting and Compost Quality at Ilala Gojo Welmera Woreda, Oromiya RegionDr. Seyoum Leta; Dr. Satishkumar B.; Getnet, Hunegnaw
13-Nov-2007Metal Concentration in Vegetables Grown in Northern Addis Ababa and Part of Rift Valley (Ziway), EthiopiaDr. Tamiru Alemayehu; Dr. Hameed Sulaiman; Amare, Hailu
16-Nov-2007Water Interaction and Water Productivity of Dairy Cattle in Wuchale Wereda, Nile River Basin, EthiopiaProf. Zerihun Woldu; Dr. Don Peden; Dr. Girma Taddesse; Dr. Tilahun Amede; Tibebu, Salehu
May-2017Modeling Approach for Identification of Potential Rainwater Harvesting Sites in Arsi Zone, Eastern EthiopiaDr. K. V. Suryabhagavan; Prof. M. Balakrishnan; Haile, Getachew
Oct-2015Heavy Metals Removal from Electroplating Waste Water Using Activated Carbon of Coffee HuskProf. Seyoum Leta; Mr. Andualem Mekonnen; Aragaw, Temesgen
Jun-2017Engineering Soil Characterization in Sululta Town, Central EthiopaDr. Trufat H/Mariam; Hailu, Hawi
Jun-2017Engineering Characteristics of Red Soil: A Case from Western Addis Ababa, EthiopiaDr. Zemenu Geremew; Akalu, Medhanit