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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2010Nuclear Resonance Scattering and Mössbaüer EffectProf. A. K. Chaubey; Messele, Kebede
Nov-2008Decision Support Tool for Estimating Lake Water Balance with Particular Emphasis to Lake AbiyataDr. Dagnachew Legesse; Shewadeg, Molla
Apr-2007Nuclear Resonance Scattering of Gamma RaysProf. A. K. Chaubey; Asmamaw, Welde
Jul-2010Nuclear ReactorsProf. A. K. Chaubey; Belachew, Dessalegn
1-Jun-2016Assessing the Impact of Watershed Development Programs on Soil Erosion and Biomass Production Using Remote Sensing and GIS: The Case of Yezat Watershed, West Gojam Zone of Amhara Region, EthiopiaDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Dr. Sridhar Gummadi; Lemlem, Tadesse
Jan-2009Preparation of Coordinate Based Cadastral Map in Rural Ethiopia: Case Study Bite­ Ejersa Lafo KA, Oromia RegionEsayiyas Sahalu; Dr. Dagnachew Legesse; Amanuel, Tesfay
Jun-2015Wheat Yield Forecast Using Remote Sensing And GIS In East Arsi Zone, EthiopiaDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Fikre, Aklilu
Jun-2017Forest Degradation Monitoring and Assessment of Biomass in Harenna Buluk Woreda, Bale Zone, Ethiopia, Using Remote Sensing And GIS TechniquesDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Shiferaw, Dinku
Jun-2015Remote Sensing and GIS Based Determination of Evapotranspiration of Lake Tana Basin, North EthiopiaDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Bizu, Yalew
Jun-2009Integrating Remote Sensing and GIS for Land Degradation Assessment and its Socio-Economic Impact, A Case Study in Northeast of Alaba, SNNPR, EthiopiaDr. K.V. Suryabhagavan; Degefa, Alemayehu