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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2014Practices and Challenges of Football Coaching Leadership Style and Players SatisfactionDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Tsegay, Melake
Jun-2013The Current Situation of Youth Football Projects and its Contribution to the Main ClubsDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Girma, Reta
Apr-2012The Major Factors Affecting Women Football Participation; the Case of Some Clubs in Addis AbabaDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Biniyam, Addisu
31-Aug-2006Diversity of Arabica Coffee Populations in Afromontane Rainforests of Ethiopia in Relation to Colletotrichum Kahawae and Gibberella Xylarioides.Dr. Fassil Assefa; Dr. Girma Adugna; Arega, Zeru
3-Sep-2006Abundance, Composition and Habit Association of Rodents in Wonji Sugarcane Area, EthiopiaProf. Afework Bekele; Dr. Gurja Belay; Takele, Serekebirhan
Jul-2008Studies on the Influence of Maize Pollen on the Body Size of Anopheles Mosquitoes and the Effect of Number of Cattle/ people on the indoor density of Anopheles Mosquitoes in Relation to Malaria TransmissionDr. Habte Tekie; Dr. Yemane Ye-Ebiyo; yoseph, Saba
Jul-2008The Effect of Water Physical Quality and Water Level Changes on the Abundance and Occurrence of Anopheles Larvae (Diptera:Culicidae) Around the Shoreline of the Koka Reservoir, Central EthiopiaDr. Habte Tekie; Dr. Matthew McCartney; Berhan, Mellese
Aug-2012The Role of Investors and Sponsorship for the Development of Ethiopian AthleticsDr. Bezabih Wolde; W/Mariam, Mesay
Jun-2011Training of Youth Football Projects and its Contribution to the Main Club: The Case of Addis Ababa Primer League Participant ClubsAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Mohammed, Nasir