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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2007Assessment Of The Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Health Care Workers On Universal Precaution In North Wollo Zone, Amhara Region, North Eastern Ethiopia,Mulugeta Betre (Dr); Mesele, Damte
Jun-2008Transformation of Land Tenure and the Role of Peasant Associations in Eastern Arsii (1974-1991)Tesema Ta’a (Dr); Tariku, Degu
Jun-2015A Needs Assessment Of Esp To Adult English Language Learners: Sandford International School Adults’ Evening Efl Classes In FocusBerhanu Bogale (Dr); Teshager, Molla
Feb-2007Landslide Susceptibility Modeling Using Logistic Regression and Artificial Neural networks in GIS: a case study in Northern Showa area, Ethiopia.Seyd Ali (PhD.); Leta, Alemayehu.
Jun-2014The Implementation Of Technical Vocational Education And Training Program, The Case Of Nefas Silk And Tegibareid Polytechnic CollegesGirma Zewde (Ato); Yostena, G/Yesus
Nov-2014Current Practice On The Implementation Of The Educational Rights Of Children With Physical Disability In Addis Ababa: The Case Of Menelik Ii Primary And Preparatory SchoolsTilahun Achaw (Dr); Blen, Tilahun
Jun-2001A Study of The Utilization And Professional Development Of Secondary School Teachers In Oromia Regional State A Thesis Presented To The School Of Graduate StudiesAyalew Shibeshi, (Ato ); Haile, Getaneh
Jun-2006Family And Friends' Smoking, And Personal Coping Styles As Predictors Of Cigarette Smoking Among Aau Main Campus Students Addis Ababa University School Of Graduate Studies. Dubey Surendra (Dr); Tigist, Wuhib
Jun-2000Analysis of Infant Mortality in the Vicinity of Jimma ZoneDr. Tadewos Koroto; Bekele, Fetene
Apr-2016Philosophical challenges for secularism and its post narrativeBekele Gutema(PhD); Faiz, Mohammed