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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2010Farmers’ Perception of the Impacts of Population Pressure on the Environment and their Responses: The Case of Dandi Woreda, West Shoa Zone (Oromia Region)Akililu Amsalu (Ph.D); Fekadu, Abdissa
Jun-2015Psychological Wellbeing Between Institutional And Non Institutional Orphan Children In Gulele Sub City, Addis AbabaDaniel Tefera,(Ato ); Workye, Tsige
Feb-2011Organizational and Managerial effectiveness of Distance Education program in the Ministry of National Defense: Challenges and Prospects. Wossenu Yimam (Dr); Tadege, Yohala
Nov-2014The Effect of Divorce on Adolescents’ self-esteem: The Case of Adolescents at Federal first Instance CourtEmebet Mulugeta (Dr); Hawi, Mekonen
Jul-2007Productivity Improvement Of Ethiopian Shoe Manufaturing Industries (A Case Study In Ok Jamaica Shoe Factory)Daniel Kitaw (Dr. Ing.); Boresa, Tessema
Jun-2014Policy Borrowing Practices And Challenges In Ethiopian Higher Education Institutions: A Case Of Quality AssuranceKenenisa Dabi (Ato); Firehiwot, Amsalu
Jun-2010Military Rule In Selected Sub-Saharan Anglophone African Novels: A Thematic StudyA.Subba Rao (Professor); Aman, Mohammedsaid
Jun-2014Community Participation In The Implementation Of School Improvement Program In Government Primary Schools Of Gullele Sub-City In Addis Ababa City AdmnistrationTilahun Fanta (Ato); Tariku, Gurmessa
Aug-2014Measuring Adherence Level To Antiretroviral Treatment Among Adult Plwha In Zewditu Memorial Hospital. Teka Zewdie ( .Dr); Tiruwork, Aklie
Jun-2015Anxiety, Attitude towards Mathematics and Mathematics Achievement of Tenth Grade Students at Government and Private Schools in kolfe keranio sub city of Addis AbabaTamire Andualem (Ato); Getachew, Abebe