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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2001Anassessment Of Donor- Assisted Educa Tional Projects In Some Selected Na Tional Regional Sta Tes Of EthiopiaHailesellassie Woldegerima (Ato); Damte, Demeke
2016Passenger Car Equivalents for Basic Freeway Segments on Addis Ababa – Adama ExpresswayBikila Teklu (PhD); Girum, Tamene
Jun-2006An Assessment of School Inputs That Affect Quality of Secondary School Education In GambellaScyoum Teferra, (Professor); Taddesse, Gebrewold
Jul-2016The Effect of Track Irregularities on Wheel-Rail Contact RelationshipMequanent Mulugeta (Mr.); Tadios, Sisay
Nov-2016Computer Program for Comparative Study of the Analysis And Design of Prestressed Concrete Box Girder and Plate Girder Highway BridgesAbrham Gebre (PhD); Seyfe, Nigussie
Jun-2001Primary Education For The Children Of Pastoral Nomads In Borena: Access And AlternativesSeyoum Tefera (,Prof. ); Tefera, Challa
Jun-2015Assessment of Heavy Metal Accumulation and Associated Potential Health Risk in Green Leafy Vegetables Grown on Urban Wastewater Irrigated Soil in Southern Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Case of Chromium, Lead and Cadmium)Dr. Tetemke Mehari; Beyene, Yonas
May-2002A Study On The Management And Utilization Of Student Personnel Services In The Universities Of EthiopiaHaileselassie Woldegerima, (Ato); Oumer, Mohammed
Jun-2014Integrated Geophysical Investigations for Mapping Possible Inflow of Water from Merti-Fentale Irrigation Canal into Lake Beseka, Metahara Area, Eastern EthiopiaDr. Tigistu Haile; Haile, Addisu
May-2000The Impact Of The Abolition Of Fees In Government Primary Schools: The Case Of Southern Amhara Region.Ayalew Shibeshi, (Ato ); Shimelis, Tsegaye