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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2006An assessment of the girls” Education project at unity University collegeAyzilcw Shibcshi (Ato ); Getachew, Melaku
Jun-2006Students' disciplinary problems in merti And wonji secondary schools: a survey Of the views of school administrators, Teachers and students 'Seyoum Teferra, (Professor); Ayele, Mekonnen
May-2000Employment market information and occupational Guidance services for tertiary level students in Ethiopia: The case of prospective agricultural college graduates. Yalew Ingidayehu( Dr); Abose, Tugne
Jun-2000The Role Of Ngos In Promoting Equitable Access To Primary Education In Snnpr. Seyoum Teferra( Dr); Alemayehu, Debebe
Jun-2005Parental Knowledge, Belief System And The Education of Mentally Retarded Children In Mekelle, Tigiray.. Teka Zewdie (Dr); Yohannes, Fissiha
Jun-2005An Assessment Of The Attitude Of Students Towards Cost- Sharing In The Preparatory Schools Of Amhara RegionAto Haileselassie W/Gerima (Asst.Prof.); Debashu, Haile
Jun-2005A study of the major problems in Managing educational projects Designed and implemented by ngos in Addis ababaAto Ayalew Shibeshi (Associate Professor),; Ayele, Ashagre
May-2001Classroom instructional problems And other constraints as correlates Of school interruption In east shoa zone. Darge Wole (Dr); Gezahegn, Gurmu
Jun-2006Assessing The Predictive Validity Of T Tion Entrance Certificate Examinati: É Higher EducaAyele Meshcsha. (Dr); Legesse, Getachew
Jun-2004Fctors Affecting Female Trainees' Academic Achievement In Selected Teacher Training Institutes In EthiopiaSeyoum Teferra, (Professor); Getachew, Tefera