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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2016Extraction, Characterization and Optimization of Castor Oil from Castor Seeds for Production of Synthetic DetergentBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Ibsa, Neme
Jun-2014Determination of the Concentration of Lycopene in Tomato by Using Absorption SpectroscopyProf. Ashok.V.Gholap; Hailye, Andualem
Jun-2015Knowledge Management Maturity at Ethiopian AirlinesDr. Rahel Bekele; Abera, Seble
Jun-2016Optimization and Characterization of Magnesium Chloride Production from Magnesium Carbonate using HClBelay Woldeyes (PhD); Ketema, Beyecha
May-2014Dynamics of Coherently Driven Nondegrnerate Three-Level Atom in Open CavityDr. Fesseha Kassahun; Yeshiwas, Abinet
Apr-2016Synergetic Effects of Mandillo [Crassocephalum Macropappum (Sch. Bip. Ex. A. Rich.) S. Moore] During Enset Fermentation: Chemical Nature and EfficiencyDr. Negussie Megersa; Dr. Tetemke Mehari; Dr. Diriba Muleta; Prof. Kim Young-Mog; Gonfa, Alemu
Feb-2015Influence of Third Trimester Pregnant Women's Dietary Habit and Anemia Status on Cord Blood Micronutrient Concentration and Neonatal Birth WeightDr. Kaleab Baye; Jote, Kefiyalew
Mar-2015Metal Leaching from Traditional CookwareDr. Dawd Gashu; Dr. Kaleab Baye; Tesfaye, Binyame
Jun-2016Study on The Effect of Traditional Cooking of Leafy Vegetables on the Content of Vitamin C, Essential Minerals and Antioxidant ActivityAss.Prof. Kelbessa Urga; Kassa, Habtamu
Jun-2015Assessment of Leaching of Selected Toxic Metals in Some Pottery Processed FoodsDr. Tetemke Mehari; Dr. Dawd Gashu; Tadesse, Mahlet