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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2006Rela Ti Onships Of Gender And Ma Theiwa Ti Cs Self- Ef F I C Acy To M'ati-Ieiiiatics Achievem Ent Among Grades 5 And 9 StudentsDarge Wole(,professor); Asefa, Wubalem
Jun-2006Father-Daughter Relationship and Its Effect on Female Sexuality: the Case of Adolescents in Some Selected Private Colleges of Addis AbabaBelay Simane (Dr); Zeleke, Mekonnen
Jun-2005The Role Of Parents Of Children With Autism In The Early Intervention Programmes. R. Sreevalsa Kumar (Dr); Efrem, Sahle
Jun-2005The Role of Parents of Children With Autism In The Early Intervention Programmers. R. Sreevalsa Kumar (Dr); Efrem, Sahle
May-2000Some Factors That Influence Attitude Towards Sex Education Among High School Female Students In South WolloHabtegiorgis Berhane (Dr); Moges, Logaw
Jun-2005The Relationship Between Children And Marital Satisfaction Of Parents In Addis AbabaTamire Andualem (Ato); Tsehay, Ararsa
Jun-2006“የዳባት ወረዳ ገበሬዎች የስራ ቃል ግጥሞች ክዋኔና ማህበራዊ ህይወታቸው”ዘሪሁን አስፋው; ሀብታም, ግዛት
Jun-2001በአዲስ ዘመን ጋዜጣ ላይ የወጡ ባህልነክ ፅሁፎች መዘርዘር ከአጫጭር መግለጫ ጋር (ከ1994-1995)ኩሪ ባይሳም; ትዕግስት, ከበደ
Jun-2008A Thesis Submitted To The Department Of Foreign Languages And Literature (Graduate Program). Nuru Mohammed (Dr); Abiy, Zewdu
Jul-2007Exploring The Effectiveness Of The Teaching And Learning Of The Writing Skills: Asella College Of Teachers’ Education In Focus.. Alamirew G/Mariam (Dr); Teshome, Tola