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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Integrated Water Resources Potential Investigation of the Weybo River Catchment Welayita-Hadiya Zones, Southern EthiopiaDr. Tenalem Ayenew; Aychluhim, Debebe
26-Apr-2003Studies on First Rowtransition Metal Complexes Derived from Ninhydrin and Amino Acids Having Polar(Threonine) and Nonpolar(Leucine) Side ChainsDr. Yonas Chebude; Negash, Getachawe
26-Apr-2005Studies on Transition Metal Complexes of S-Triazine DerivativesProf. Negussie Retta; Achalu, Chimdi
Jun-2001በጎንደር ከተማ አራት አንደኛ ደረጃ ሁለተኛ እርከን ትምህርት ቤቶች አማርኛ ቋንቋ መምህራን የትምህርት መርጃ መሣሪያዎች አጠቃቀምአረጋ ኃይለሚካኤል (ዶክተር); አሰፉ, ደሳለኝ
Jun-2009Application of Remote-Sensing and GIS for Potential Ecotourism Site Selection in Addis Ababa and Its SurroundingsDr. Mohammed Umer; Daniel, Chernet
12-Dec-2008Assessing the Impact of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Groundwater Recharge using Rs and GIS ; a Case of Awassa Catchement, Southern EthiopiaDr. Dagnachew Legesse; Lemlem, Abraha
12-Dec-2007Synthesis and Characteization of Metal Complex with Ninhydrin and O-Phenylenediamine DerivativeProf. V. J. T. Raju; Dr. Yonas Chebude; Taye, Tilahun
Aug-2006The Impact of Physical Fitness Training on Health Related Fitness TraineesDr. Solomon Teka; Ayalew, Alemayehu
31-Aug-2007Floristic Composition and Structure in Beschillo and Abay (Blue Nile) Riverine VegetationProf. Sebsebe Demissew; Prof. Zerihun Woldu; Getaneh, Belachew
25-Sep-2007Elephant and Anthropogenic Impacts on Woody Plant Species in Babile Elephant Sanctuary, Eastern EthiopiaProf. Afework Bekele; Dr. Sileshi Nemomissa; Zelalem, Wodu