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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1999Survey Of The Major F Actors Influencin G Household Demand For Schoolin G In Rural Bale ZoneAyalew Shibeshi, (Ato ); Seyoum, WodajO
Mar-1998Financial M,Ana Gemen T Systems In Ed U Ca T I On: The Case Of Re Gi Ons Two, Three And S Ou Thern Na T I Ons, Na Ti Onali T Ies And Pe Oples Of E ThiopiaMitiku, Desta
Jun-1999The Relationship Between Selected Home And School Factors With Achievement Motivation And Performance Aiding High School Students In Nazareth. Darge Wole (Dr); Habtamu, Kebu
Jun-1995Some factors Affetiong scholastic Achievement of elementary school puplls. Tirusew Teferra,( Dr); Sewnet, Mamo
May-1998Locus Of Central, Self efficacy And Academic Achievement Motivation Inks Predictors Of Academic Performance Of College Freshmen: The Case Of A.,A.U. Mekonnen Yimer(Dr); Mulugeta, Tafesse
Jun-1997Motivational Beliefs, Self-Regulated Learning Strategy Components And Classroom Academic Achievement , Among Elementary School Students In Awassa. Mekonnen Yimer(Dr); Derej, Habte
Jun-1995Some Factors I Nfluenc I Ng Preschool Ch I Ldren ' S Vocabulary I N Adidis AbabaAbraham Hussien (Dr); Elias, Terfassa
Jun-1995Gender Differences In Mathematics Achievement As A Function Of Attitudes In Grades 8 Through Ll (In Northern Shoa Region), . Darge wole (Dr); Seleshi, Zeleke
Jun-1996The Relationship Between Parenting Style And Schoøl Performance Among High School Students In Makalle .Markos, Tadesse
Jun-1990Engineering Geological Characteristics of the Clay Soils of Bole Area, their Distribution and Practical ImportanceProf. Barbara Grabowska-Olszewska; Ayalew, Lulseged