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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1998Causal Attributions Of Parents', Pupils” And Teachers' Regarding Pupils' Academic Outcomes (The Case Of Arbaminch Comp. Sec. School). Mekonnen Yimer(Dr); Derbie, Workineh
Jun-1995Some Factors Influencing Preschool Children Children. s Vocabulary In Addis AbabaAbraham Hussien (Dr); Elias, Terfassa
Jun-1999Gender Differences In Academic Self-Esteem And In Success Expectations On Math And Verbal Tasks In Tti's Qf Oromiya. Mekonnen Yimer(Dr); Bahru, Bayisa
Jun-1992Performance Of Senior Secondary Students In Basic Hap work SkillsAmare Asgedom(Dr); Aklilu, Dalelo
May-1998Aspects Of Social Competence And Background Variables Related To Academic Achievement In Junior Secondary Schools (The Case of Gambela Junior Secondary Schools)Habtegiorgis Berhane,(Dr); Zenebe, Negawo
Jun-1994A Comparative Analysis Of The Bureaucratic Structures Between Large And Small Secondary Schools,. Yalew Ingidayehu (Dr); Alemayehu, Haile
Jun-1995Issues, Practices And Problems Of School Community Relations In The Senior Secondary Schools Of Region ThreeZaudneh Yimtatu. ( Dr.); Tadele, Zewdie
Jun-1999The Gravity Field, Magnetic Field and Regional Tectonic Setting of the Corbetti Caldera and its Adjacent AreasDr. Abera Alemu; Shiferaw, Getachew
Jun-1999Analysis Of The Development And Validation Of An Entrance Examination In Arbaminch Teacher Training Institute, Ayele Meshesha,,( Dr.); Workineh, Temamo
May-1999Determinants of Child Nutritional ''Status: A Case Study in Drought Prone Area of Some Selected Regions with NGOs InterventionDr. Tadewos Koroto; Chefo, solomon