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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1993tudents' Future Time Orientation As A Funcfion Of School Performance And Home Environment In Central Ethiopia: Instrument Development And ValidationHabtamu Wondimu (Dr); Desalegne, Shanko
Jun-1997The Attitudes Of Secondary School Students Toward School And Subject Matters (South Wollo Administrative Zone)Yusuf Omer (Dr); Assebe, Getahun
Jun-1993A Strategy For Managing Conflict In The Primary Teachers Training Institutes Of Ethiopia, Seyoum Tefera (dr); Fekru, Wele
Jun-1992factors affecting work motivation of ethiopin secondary school teachers in ceniral and eastern ethopiaZaudnh Yimtatu(Dr); Legesse, tsigie
Jun-1992Communication Problems ' Di Government Senior Secondary Schools Of Ethiopiå. Tilahun Workineh,(dr); Grann, K/Mabiam
Jun-1993Female Participation In Primary And Se Condary Education Post ~ 1974 Etiiiopia. Seyoum Teferra( Dr); Dírirsa, Birbirso
May-1999Factors That Contribute To Female Students' Grade Repetition In Secondary Schools Of Jimma Zone. Seyoum Teferra( Dr); Merga, Feyissa
May-1997Gender-Specific Investigation Into The Problem Of High School Dropouts In The Amhara RegioSeyoum Teferra, (Dr); Tilaye, Kassahun
May-1997The Impact of Supervisory Behavior on ` ion in Teachers” Satisfaction with Supervls , Region Three Senior Secondary Schools. Seyoum Teferra( Dr); Dessalegn, Tekle
Jun-1995Teachers' Participation In Decision Making In The Technical And Vocational Schools Of EthiopiaAyalew Shibeshi,( Ato; Asefa, Abahumna