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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-May-2012Performance Analysis and Improvement of Ethiopian Leather Footwear FactoriesDr.-Ing Daniel Kitaw; Tomas, Cherkos
2-May-2012Performance Evaluation of Compression and Security Algorithms for Audio-Video Streaming and Implementation of Selected Algorithms.Dr. Kumudha Raimond; Andargachew, Gobena
May-2014Investigating the Current Challenges and Future Prospects of Football PerformanceAssistant Professor Wondimu Tadesse; ketema, Assegid
25-Jul-2014A Study On The Relationship Between Performance Levels Of Organizational Value Adding Activities And Profitability Of Selected Leather Products Manufacturers In Addis AbabaZewdie Shibre (PhD); Friew, Chalachew
Jun-2015The Influence of Competition on the Performance of Microfinance Institutions in EthiopiaHabtamu Berhanu (PhD); Gaim, Addisalem
Apr-2015Performance Analysis and Reliability Testing Of a Ceramic Bake Ware for an Electric Injera Baking StoveDemiss Alemu (PhD); Garedew, Ambaw
13-May-2016Assessement Of Procurement Performance And Its Link With Operational Effeciency In Case Of Ethiopian Electric UtilitySolomon Markos, (PhD); Belay, Tariku
5-Jun-2016The Effect Of Logistic Management Practice On The Performance Of Food Manufacturing Industry: The Case Of Fafa Food Share CompanyTeklegiorgis Assefa (Asst. Prof.); Afomeya, Tsemrie
Aug-2016Performance Evaluation of Bagasse Fuelled Cogeneration System –The Case of Wonji-Shoa Sugar MillTesfaye Dama (PhD); Asaye, Mebratu
Jun-2016Investigation on the Performance of Train Timetable for the Case of Addis Ababa Light Rail TransitAbi Abate (Mr.); Tekle, Haylekiros