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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2014The Prospects and Challenges of Youth Soccer Development in the Case of Some Selected Clubs in Addis AbabaDr. Solomon Teka; Abere, Atilabachew
Jun-2012Assessment of Practice and Challenging Problems in Track Trainee’s Performance in Case of Debrebrihan, Merehabette, Chacha and Tarmaber Woredas Athletics ProjectDr. Solomon Tefera; Aychiluhim, Wondiye
Apr-2016Challenges and Prospects in Coaches and Athletes Relationship in the Case of Ethiopian National Team in Middle Distance Running EventsAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Bireda, Muluken
Jun-2017Effect of Selected Aerobic Exercises on the Improvement of Cardiovascular Endurance for Performance of AthleteAsst. Prof. Mebratu Belay; Jakeiso, Arega
Jun-2017Cause and Management of Sport Injury and Its Impact on Athlets Performance: The Case of Ethiopian Youth Sports AcademyDr. Amensisa Kebede; Mr. Teshome Kebede; Kassa, Yeshitila
Aug-2012Factors that Affect Hurdle Performance in Some Selected First Division Athletics Clubs in Addis Ababa, EthiopiaDr. Bezabih Wolde; Addis, Endris
Aug-2012Factors Affecting and Challenges of Long Jump Performance in Some Selected first Division Athletics Clubs of Addis AbabaDr. Solomon Teka; Minassie, Fanuel
May-2014Investigating the Current Challenges and Future Prospects of Football PerformanceAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; ketema, Assegid
May-2014Improving the Performance and Partcipation of Female FootballersAsst. Prof. Wondimu Tadesse; Gelaye, Shiferaw
Aug-2014Major Challenges of Managemental and Organizational Structure of Hand Ball in Some Selected Sport of Office of Horo Gudurru Wellega ZoneDr. Tesfaye Asgedom; Seyoum, Habtamu