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Title: The Watchdog Role of Journalism: A Study on the Perception of Ethiopian Journalists
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dr. Gebremedhin Simon
Befrdu, Woldeamanuel
Keywords: Ethiopian journalists
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: This study was an inquiry into the perception of Ethiopian journalists with regard to the watchdog role of journalism. In this regard, the researcher has employed Western model of journalism, Development model journalism and propaganda model as theoretical underpinnings to answer the designed research questions. To come up with a seeming finding, qualitative research methodology was employed with an individual in-depth interview and focus group discussion as instruments for data collection. Hence, using a purposive sampling, a total of six practicing journalists were interviewed in the in-depth interview category, of which two were editors-in-chief, the other two, deputy editors-in- chiefs, one assistant editor and finally a producer. In the focus group discussion domain, six journalists were interviewed from one media house. The participants for the individual in-depth interview were also drawn from both government and private media institutions. In the findings, journalists from both individual and focus group fronts have the orientation toward watchdog journalism as the Western literature portrays it; „to be the public‟s eye in monitoring and exposing power abuse and misuse, maladministration, and corruption, to serve as a check and balance on the government or a fourth estate to monitor the three branches of government.‟ Except one who learned it at school, the rest were informed about it through reading and actual practice. When it comes to our context, the government media has espoused development journalism, while the private media claimed to exercise watchdog journalism with all its challenges. At last, it was found out that since the practice of the Western model of journalism was not compatible to our situation, development journalism seems to be the available option that works in our condition. Moreover, it was also shown that watchdog journalism has a part to play in the realm of development journalism. Furthermore, it was suggested that the practice of watchdog journalism needs a redefinition in our context.
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