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Title: Impacts and impediments of community participation on soil & water conservation to sustainable land resource management in allay may chew wereda, Tigray, Ethiopia
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: MULUNEH WELDETSADIK (PhD)
Keywords: Community participation, soil and water conservation
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Abstract: This thesis is about impacts of community participation on soil and water conservation to sustainable land resource management. For this purpose Socio - economic data was collected from randomly selected households in the study area. Most of them agreed to their awareness about the causes and consequences of land degradation. And they put rapid population growth as a major cause to forest depletion and soil erosion. They are also aware of about land degradation can be controlled by using soil and water conservation in on farm and off farm activity through active community participation. According to the findindings the level of community participation is in good level. But their level of economy is still from hand to mouth. In this thesis the major factors that affect community participation on soil and water conservation are also identified. The major soil and water conservation activities or practices used to control land degradation in the wereda such as soil bund, stone bund, hill side terraces, gabion check dam, and other physical and biological conservation methods are included. The level of education, health, income, social facilities like transportation and communication should be improved to increase their level of participation. In addition to this the conservation of soil and water needs participation from different stock holders (individuals, government organizations and non government organizations). Key words: community participation, soil and water conservation, sustainable land resource management.
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