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Title: Assessment of soil and water conservation in Wuchi Watershed, Metu District, Ethiopia
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: MOHAMMED ASSEN (PhD)
Keywords: Soil and water Conservation
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Abstract: This research was conducted to assess the methods, benefits and challenges of soil and water conservation practices in Wuchi watershed, Metu District, Ethiopia. A total of 110 households were took part in responding the questionnaire. Purposive, quota and convenience or accidental sampling techniques were used for the selection of sample population. Questionnaire, Focus Group Discussions, interviews and field visits were instruments used to collect data. Descriptive statistics which include frequencies, percentages, crosstabs and correlations were used as analytical tools. The result show that contour plowing, fallowing, application of manure, crop rotation and minor ditches were the indigenous methods of Soil and Water Conservation recognized by the farmers. Likewise fanya juu, soil bund and bund stabilizations, cutoff drains and waterways were the adapted soil and water conservation methods used in the area. Age, gender, institutional and extension services, plots slope category and soil type were the socio economic and physical factors affecting Soil and Water Conservation activities in the study area. Unfair farm land holding, low consideration of indigenous methods, removal of newly built structures by cattle, labor intensiveness, high cost of fertilizers, encroachments of wetland areas and diminishing of farm plots by structures were the identified challenges of soil and water conservation in the study area. Therefore, it is recommended that facilitating fertilizers credit with reduced bank interest, avoiding unfair land holdings and integrating indigenous knowledge with adapted methods, formulations and enforcements of regulations in the proper use of natural resources in the study area are the factors that need immediate considerations.
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