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Title: Attitude toward and achievement of natural science and mathematics stream of female students in colleges of teachers’ education in Oromia region
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dr Solomon Areaya
Keywords: Female students towards natural
Issue Date: Nov-2014
Abstract: This study assessed the attitude of female students towards natural science and mathematics education and their level of academic achievement in science and mathematics in Oromia Colleges of Teacher Education. It also investigated gender difference of academic achievement in science and mathematics education. To attain this objective, first three Oromia Colleges of Teacher Education were selected purposely because of their geographical location and accommodate large number of students relative to other colleges. Then 308 college students (110 males and 198 females) were selected by using systematic random selection from the three colleges, Asella, Nekemte and Robe participated in this study. Questionnaire and document analysis were used as a main tool. To substantiate the data obtained by questionnaire and document analysis focus group discussion of college teachers was conducted. The collected data were analyzed using descriptive statistics like (percentage, mean Std. Deviation). The major findings revealed that there are significant gender differences in both attitudes towards science and mathematics education and achievement in science and mathematics education. The study concludes that boys are better achiever than girls in science and mathematics and have more positive attitude towards science and mathematics stream than girls in Colleges of Teacher Education of Oromia region. Beside, most female students perceived that contents of science and mathematics stream subjects are more difficult compared to that of non-science and mathematics streams subjects. Hence for the better achievement in natural science and mathematics and being good competent compared with male students changing the attitude of female students‟ on natural science and mathematics are impor
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