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Title: Practices and Challenges of Utilizing Emergency Contraceptive; The Case of First Year Female Undergraduate Regular Students of Addis Ababa University
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dessu Wirtu(PhD)
Eden, Amdebrhan
Keywords: emergency contraceptive (EC) & first year regular female students
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Abstract: The purpose of this research was to investigate the practice and challenges of utilizing emergency contraceptive (EC) by first year regular female students OF Addis Abeba university. To this end, descriptive survey design methods were employed. Sources of data were first year female regular students from two colleges, nurses and pharmacist of AAU clinical from the main campus. Data collection tools were questionnaire, semi: structured interview and document analysis. The data analysis led to the following major findings; Out of the total 90 female first year of AAU students 67(74.4%) of them ever had sexual intercourse at age 16-23 . Out of 40(44.4%) of the whole respondents who had ever heard about, 40% knew at least one correct method of EC while only 25% correctly identified 72 hours as the time limit for the method use. The key informants’ interview among health care providers also ascertained lack of adequate knowledge and experience on EC regimens. There is lack of adequate knowledge of EC among both female and the service Providers. Therefore, there is a need to address first year students by expanding information and education about EC methods and to build providers capacity through trainings
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