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Title: The Role of Technical and Vocational Education Training in Improving the Self- Employment Opportunity:-The Case of Kolfe-Keranyo Sub city.
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dr.Worku Mekonnen
Dereje, Worku
Keywords: livelihood of unemployed adults. It’s focal
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Abstract: This study intended to assess the role of skill training in improving the livelihood of unemployed adults. It’s focal point is kolfe-Keranio Sub City. A descriptive survey study was conducted. A total of 187 respondents were given questionnaires and of these 172 have filled and returned, from which 90 trainees completing their level 1 and 2 program 2014, 20 major field instructors and 62 business owners are sources of data. Relevant data were collected through questionnaires, interview and observation. The data were analyzed by employing various statistical tools including frequencies, percentages, and qualitative descriptions depending on the nature of the data. As the study revealed, the TVET curriculum design, the competence of instructors and availability of market need all which are basic for entrepreneurial (self employment) motivation of trainees. In addition to this the financial, work place and moral support were other motivation factors the trainees to start their own business. The study in general indicated that even if so many influences are there, entrepreneurial motivation of trainees for self employment was very good. As it was shown in the study the society old idea about the gender difference is becoming eroded. It is concluded that the role of TVET for selfemployment opportunity is in good condition. Finally the study recommended that the duration of the training should be elongated, the counseling and guidance service should be employed and straighten the trainees in numeber
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