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Title: Study on Bamboo Products and Market Linkage in Micro and Small Enterprise at Injibera Town in Awi Zone of Amhara Region
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Emeye, Bitew
Keywords: bamboo products and market & micro and small enterprise
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to study bamboo products and market linkage in micro and small enterprise at Injibera in Awi Zone of Amhara region. The major sources of data for the study were 68 bamboo micro and small enterprise, MSE head office and bamboo product consumers. The researcher used descriptive research method to present facts. In addition, both primary and secondary data were collected from various sources using different techniques. The collected data were analyzed using both qualitative and quantitative methods. To this end, questionnaire and interview methods of data collection were employed. Thus, the collected data were tabulated, presented and analyzed by using frequency and percentage distribution. . The study identified the major market linkage challenges which lacks them to access up to date market information to link their products to the relevant consumers . To add, the sustainability of bamboo micro and small enterprise were affected with many challenges .These were; lack of market linkage for their products, lack of positive attitude in the society, lack of sufficient training about new bamboo industries, lack of sufficient marketing and promotional support, lack of access to get suitable market location, inadequate support from SME sector and lack of managerial skill were identified . Furthermore, based on the major findings and conclusions, recommendations were made as it needs strong institutional linkage with concerned bodies to provide bamboo products for local consumption and for export market. Thus, MSE sector and support institutions work jointly to address the bottlenecks of market linkage challenges.
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