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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1984Anthranoids of Some Kniphofia Species from EthiopiaDr. Ermias Dagne; Berhanu, Esaiyas
Jun-1994The Investigation of the Dependence of the Double Layer Capacitance at the Water / Nitrobenzene Interface on the Supporting Electrolytes Employed in the Aqueous and Organic PhaseDr. B. Hundhammer; Dr. Theodros Solomon; Wondimagegn, Tebikie
Jun-1993Studies of the Electrical Double Layer at the Water/O-Dichlorobenzene InterfaceDr. Theodros Solomon; Beyene, Feyera
Apr-2000Trace Enrichment of Triazine Herbicides Using the Supported Liquid Membrane Extraction TechniqueProf. Theodros Solomon; Dr. B.S. Chandravanshi; Megersa, Negussie
Feb-1991Electrochemical Investigations of Thermodynamic and Structural Aspects of the Interface between Two Immiscible Electrolyte SolutionsDr. Theodros Solomon; Alemu, Hailemichael
Jun-1990Quantum-Chemical Study of Molecular Cluster of SilicaDr. A.P. Sadimenko; Regassa, Admassu
Jun-1994Kinetics and Mechanism of Hg[II] Promoted, Acid Catalyzed and Ligand Induced Dissociation of Pentacyano P-Nitrosopitenol and Pentacyano P-Nitroso,N,N’- Dimethylaniline Ferrate(II)Dr. Saroja Raman; Janka, Mesfin
Sep-1985Attempt Towards the Synthesis and Characterization of Some Mixed Ligands Complexes of Ni, Cu, and Cd with Bipyridine Phenanthroline, Malonamide and UreaDr. Negussie Retta; Nur Kekia, Omar Moh.
Jun-1989Photochemical Studies on 2-Hydroxy- and 2-Methoxy-1, 4 –Naphtho QuincveDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Libsu, Solomon
Feb-1994Theoretical Studies of the Properties of Ferroelectric Ceramic-Polymer Composite MaterialsDr. Habtamu Zewdie; Mohammed, Hussen
Jun-1995Pharmacogenetic and Molecular Biological Analysis of Drug Metabolizing Enzymes, in Particular, Cytochromes P4502D6 (CYP2D6) and P4502c19 (CYP2C19) in an Ethiopian PopulationDr. Frederick K.Rodrigues; Prof. Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg; Aklillu, Eleni
Feb-1993Synthesis of Pyrophosphate and Selenopyrophosphate Based Cation Exchangers and their Selected ApplicationsDr. Negussie Retta; Kassa, Kinfe
Jun-1994The Application of Facilitated Ion Transfer across Membrane Stabilized Interface between Two Immiscible Electrolyte Solutions in Clinical Analysis.Dr. B. Hundhammer; Dr. Theodros Solomon; Berhanu, Tarekegn
Jun-1999Synthesis and Characterization of Different Ion-pairs (Co(PY)4cl2) +X- and measurement of association and aquation rate constants.Dr. Negussie Retta; Kebede, Zerihun
Jun-1996Enzymatic Determination of Urea at the Membrane-Stabilized Liquid-LiquidinterfaceDr. B. Hundhammer; Prof. Theodros Solomon; Taddese, Tesfaye
Jun-1993N-phenyloinnamohydroxamio Acid as an Analytical Rlagent for Sclvent Extraction and Spectropohotometric Determination of Vanadium (V)Dr. B.E.Chandravanshi; Assefa, Mulugeta
Sep-1993Single-Site Anisotropic Pair Potential Based on Spherical Harmonic FunctionsDr. Habtamu Zewdie; Awad, Mohamed
Jun-1988Reactivity of Disodium and Dilithium Tetraisopropdxonickelates (II) With Some Selected N - Acidic LigandsDr. W.Kalies; Dr. Niguussie Retta; Habtegebrial, Kiros
Jul-1988Spectrophotometric Determination of Cholesterol with DichromateDr. B.S.Chandravanshi; Asfaw, Tenkir
Jun-1986Simultaneous Determination of Iron(III) and Cobalt(II) with N-Phenylcinnamohydroxamic Acid (PCHA) and Thiocyanate and Determination of Iron(III) with PCHA and Azide by Solvent Extraction and SpectrophotometryDr. B.S.Chandravanshi; Afeworki, Selezion
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 284
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