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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2016Ground Water Potential Evaluation and Use Trends in Upper Awash Basin: with Special Emphasis to Koka-Becho areaProf. Tenalem Ayenew; Reys, Asfaw
1-May-2016Landslide Hazard Evaluation and Zonation in the Area Kindo Didaye, South West EthiopiaDr. Trufat Hailemariam; Zerihun, Dawit
1-Jun-2016Integrated geophysical investigations of the central Main Ethiopian Rift and Adjacent Plateaus: An Implication to Crustal Structure and Moho Depth DeterminationsDr. Abera Alemu; Dr. Ameha Atnafu; Yemane, Kelemework
1-Jun-2016The Geology, Timing event and Roles of Quartz Porphyry intrusions on the VMS gold Mineralization at Terakimti area North West shire, Northern EthiopiaDr. Worash Getaneh; Dr. Mulugeta Alene
Jul-2016Magmatic Evolution of Boko Magmatic Complex, Main Ethiopian Rift, Using Petro-Chemical Approach and Co2 Flux MeasurementProf. Dereje Ayalew; Zafu, Amdemichael
Jun-2016Detection of Geothermal Anomalies Using Landsat 8 Thermal Infrared Data in Tulu Moye Geothermal Prospect, Main Ethiopia RiftDr. Binyam Tesfaw; Dr. Ameha Atnafu; Mengistu, Yosef
May-2016Geology, geochemistry and genesis of tantalite deposit of the primary ore zone of Kenticha rare metal pegmatite field, Adola Belt, Southern EthiopiaDr. Zerihun Desta; Dr. Worash Getaneh; Seid, Mohammed
Jul-2016Cloud Data Security Framework for Payment Card System: the case of EthiopiaDr. Mesfin Kifle; Endalew, Edil
Mar-2016Emotion Identification from Spontaneous CommunicationDr. Fekade Getahun; Kebede, Mikiyas
Nov-2015Recognition of Double Sided Amharic Braille DocumentsDr. Yaregal Assabie; Seid, Hassen