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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1997Onchocerciasis: Relationships between Infection Load, Skin Manifestations and Socio-Economic Indices in Pawl Area, North Western EthiopiaDr. Beyene Petros; Ato Hailu Birrie; Menkir, Sissay
May-1999Morphological and Molecular Diversity in Durum wheat (Triticum Durum Desf.) Landraces of North ShewaDr. Haileselassie Yibra; Dr. Zemede Asfaw; Tamiru, Mulualem
Jun-1996Cholinesterase Status of Some EthiopianPest Control Workers Exposed to Organophosphate PesticidesDr. Yalemtseay   Mekonnen; Lakew, Kibruyisfa
Sep-1992Lithologic and Structural Mapping of Northeast Lake Ziway Area, Ethiopian Rift using Landsat Digital DataProf. Alberto Marini; Korme, Tesfaye
Jun-1998Root Growth Patterns and Plant Adapt Ability in Three Acacia SpeciesDr. Zerihun Woldu and; Dr. Masresha Fetene; Haileselassie, Teklehaimanot
Jun-1992Lung Function Status of Some Ethiopians Exposed to Occupational DustsDr. Yoseph Assen; Bekele, Asrat
Jun-1999Construction of Mycobacterial Expression VectorsDr. Brigitte Wieles; Prof. Endashaw Bekele; Kidane, Dawit
Jun-1999Some Microbiological and Biochemical Studies on the Fermentation of two Traditional Condiments,"AWAZE" and DATTAProf. Mogessie Ashenafi; Idris, Ahmed
Sep-1999Species Composition, Distribution and Population Dynamics of Rodents of Entoto Mountain Natural ParkDr. Assefa Mebrat; Tsegaye, Bekele
Jun-1994Ecological Investigations on the Potential of three Woodland Tree for Agroforestry PracticesDr. Masresha Fetene; Abate, Asferachew