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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-1995Tourism in Tanzania: A Prototype Information Support SystemDr. G.G.Chowdhury; Marciano, Bura
Feb-1993Synthesis of Pyrophosphate and Selenopyrophosphate Based Cation Exchangers and their Selected ApplicationsDr. Negussie Retta; Kassa, Kinfe
Jun-1999Synthesis and Characterization of Different Ion-pairs (Co(PY)4cl2) +X- and measurement of association and aquation rate constants.Dr. Negussie Retta; Kebede, Zerihun
Sep-1993Single-Site Anisotropic Pair Potential Based on Spherical Harmonic FunctionsDr. Habtamu Zewdie; Awad, Mohamed
Jun-1996Enzymatic Determination of Urea at the Membrane-Stabilized Liquid-LiquidinterfaceDr. B. Hundhammer; Prof. Theodros Solomon; Taddese, Tesfaye
Jun-1996An Investigation on the Possibilities of Biological Control of Orobanche SPP, in EthiopiaDr. Masresha Fetene; Eltayeb, Abuelgasim
Sep-1998The Assessment of Elephant Population Size and Distribution Patterns in the Mago National ParkDr. Afework Bekele; Demeke, Yirmed
Nov-1997An Ecological Study of the Lowland Vegetation of Key Afer-Shala Luqa and Southwest of Lake Chamo, Southern EthiopiaDr. Sebsebe Demissew; Dr. Zerihun Woldu; Soromessa, Teshome
Jun-1992Surface - Charge Density on the Semiconductor-Insulator InterfaceDr. S. Bezludnyi; Kassahun, Yosief
Jun-1994The Investigation of the Dependence of the Double Layer Capacitance at the Water / Nitrobenzene Interface on the Supporting Electrolytes Employed in the Aqueous and Organic PhaseDr. B. Hundhammer; Dr. Theodros Solomon; Wondimagegn, Tebikie