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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1981Chemical Composition of Croton Macrostachys Root-·BarkDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Menberu, Dirshaye
Jun-1988Symbiotic and Phenotypic Diversity of Rhizobiuim Leguminosarum VAR Viceae Isolates (Vicia Faba) From Northern Gondar, EthiopiaDr. Fassil Assefa; Belay, Zerihun
Jun-1987Food And Size Composition Of Eptnephelus Chlorostigma (Valenciennes, 1828) Pisces: Serranidae In Some Coastal Areas Of The Ethiopian Red Sea With Notes On The Taxonomy And Distribution Of The FamilyDr. Alert Gunther; Getahun, Abebe
Jun-1982Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds Starting from 34mino and 3-HydroxytbioacrylamidesDr. J.Liebscher; Areda, Alanayehu
Jun-1982A Preliminary Study of the Fungal Flora of Ethiopian Cereal Grains with Special Emphasis on the Prevalence of Toxicogenic GroupsDr. Berhanu Abegaz; Abate, Dawit
Jun-1987First-Order Phase Transition in Two – Dimensional Systems (Adsorbed Layers)Dr. Sc. J. Schmelzer; G/Medhin, Teka
Jun-1989Vce Plasmon Polaritions and Determination X-Dielectric Permittivity and Thickness Thin metal (Semiconductor) FilmsDr. O.A. Letov; Ahmed, Aburahman
Jun-1982Serum Immunoglobulin Levels in Healthy Ethiopian School ChildrenDr. Ayele Belehu; Dr. Abebe Harege; Gebremariam, Zinabu
Jun-1984Synthesis Stereochemistry and Dynamic Behavior of Some ThioacrylamidesDr. E.Kleinpeter; Dr. Herhanu Abegaz; Tadesse:, Tsegaye
Jun-1986A Study on Some Ecological Aspects of the Giant Mole.Rat Tachyoryctes Macrocephalus (Ruppell ,1842) in Bale Mountains, EthiopianDr. J.C. Hillman; Beyene, Shimelis