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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2015The impact of empty running truck on economy and environment (A case study on the Addis Ababa- Djibouti corridorGirma Gebresenbet (Prof.); Helen, Berhane
Dec-2015Effects of Light Rail Transit System on Pedestrians and Public Transport Users’ Mobility (Case study- Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit Corridor along East-West Line from Ayat to Megenagna)Bikila Teklu (PhD); Raeed Ali (Mr) Co-advisor; Elizabeth, Azmeraw
Apr-2015Assessment of Freight Transport and Transportation Infrastructures Along International Trade Route The Case of China – Djibouti – EthiopiaGirma Gebresenbet (Prof.); Nathanael, Challa
Aug-2015Capacity Evaluation of Gotera InterchangeBikilaTeklu (PhD); Zemenay, Anawet
May-2015Capacity Evaluation of Roundabout and Signalized Junc- tions in Addis AbabaBikila Teklu (PhD); Temesgen, Alemayehu
Jan-2015Implications of axle load limitation in Ethiopia (The case study on axle load management at Holeta and Modjo weighbridge stations)Girma Gebresenbet (Prof.); Biniam, Tesfay
Aug-2015Evaluation of Traffic Congestion and Level of Service at Major Intersections in Adama CityBikila Teklu (PhD); Fasika, Mekonnen
Apr-2015Causes and Effects of Variation Orders in Road Construction Projects: The Case of National Works Contract Administered by Addis Ababa City Roads AuthorityAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Tewodros, Zewedu
Oct-2015Influence of Overloaded Freight Transportation on Pavement LifeBikila Teklu (PhD); Asres Simeneh (Mr) Co-Advisor; Addis, Mehari
Jun-2015Study on Cost Related Claim Practice in Federal Road Projects; Focused on Local ContractorsAbebe Dinku (Prof.); Derege, Gezahegne