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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2014Stabilization of expansive soils with lime A Case Study on the Adura-Burbey DS6 Road Segment)Ephrem G/Egziabher; Musema, Reshid
25-Feb-2014The Effect of Hydrated Lime Additives on Moisture Sensitivity and Overall Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt MixturesBikila Teklu (PhD); Asres, Simeneh
May-2014Evaluation of Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) for Purpose of Soil Investigation for Low Volume and Inaccessible Road DesignBikila Teklu (PhD); Nebiyu, Giday
6-May-2014Evaluation and Development of Floriculture Supply Chain in Ethiopia, to Attenuate Environmental Impact and Logistics CostGirma Gebresenbet (Prof.); Daniel, Hailemichael
May-2014Addis Ababa Road Traffic Accident Study and Possible Engineering Solutions: Case Study of Akaki-Kaliti Sub City RoadsBikila Teklu (PhD); Atsbeha, Gebremeskel
Feb-2014Highway Development and Management Model – 4 (HDM-4) Calibration (Addis Ababa – Modjo Trunk Road Case)Wubishet Jekale (PhD); Tewodros, Syum
Nov-2014Experimental Investigation of Use of Glass Cullet as Asphalt Mixture AggregateBikila Teklu (PhD); Tewodros, Nigatu
Oct-2014Performance Evaluation of Addis Ababa City Road NetworkBikila Teklu (PhD); Yonas, Minalu
Dec-2014Supply Chain Management (SCM) Approach to Reduce Post-harvest Losses with Special Emphasis on Cabbage Supply from Akaki to Addis AbabaGirma Gebresenbet (Prof.); Dimtsu, Gebremariam
Aug-2014Effects of Aggregate and Mixture Properties on the Rutting Performance of HMA Wearing Course (A Case Study on the Gohatsion - Dejen Trunk Road Segment)Ephrem G/Egziabher (Mr.); Abraham, Efraem