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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2015Management of Regenerative Braking Energy for Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit SystemMengesha Mamo (PhD); Mequanint, Biazen
28-Dec-2012Design and Simulation of Fluidized Bed Gasifier to Improve the Quality of Synthesis GasAbebayehu Assefa (PhD); Sileshi Kore (Mr); Abywork, Genzeb
Apr-2016Multi-Objective Optimization of Mixed Model Assembly Line Balancing in an Assemble-to-Order Industry with Stochastic EnvironmentEshetie Berhan (PhD); Ermias Tesfaye (Mr.) Co-Advisor; Ayele, Legesse
3-Aug-2012Heat Transfer Analysis During the Process of Injera Baking by Finite Element MethodDemiss Alemu (PhD); Getenet, Gashaw
Sep-2009Modeling, Simulation and Performance Evaluation of Parabolic Trough Solar Collector Power Generation SystemAbebayehu Assefa (PhD); Mekuannint, Mesfin
Jun-2016Design and Simulation of Traction Power Supply System: Case study of Modjo~Hawassa lineGetachew Biru (PhD); Asegid, Belay
Dec-2015Analytical Methods to Estimate Railway Capacity A Case study to apply on the Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit Project (AA -LRT)Alemayehu Ambo (PhD); Amanuel, Abreham
Jun-2008Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Manufacturing Systems Using Arena Simulation Software (With special Reference to Ethiopian Crown Cork and Can Manufacturing Industry)Subhash Chandra (PhD); Mebrahitom, Asmelash
3-May-2012Mixed Model Assembly Line Balancing Using Simulation Techniques A Case Study in Ambassador Garment and Trade PLCTafesse Girmasenbet; Desalegn, Hailemariam
Sep-2014Simulation of Electro-Pneumatic Braking System Response in Long TrainsDemis Alemu (PhD); Yirgalem, Hailay