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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-1997Sex-Role Orientation And Academic Achievement Motivation As Correlates Of High School Academic PerformanceDr. Habtegiorgis Berhane; Zenawi, Zerihun
1998Aspects of Social Competence And Background Variables Related To Academic Achievement In Junior Secondary Schools (The Case of Gambela Junior Secondary Schools)Dr. Habtegiorgis Berhane; Zenebe Negawo
Jun-1991Between Students' Evaluation Of Teachers And Evaluation Of Teachers By Principals And Department Heads In Ethiopian Teachehstraining InstitutesDr, Hekonnen Yimer; Atsede, Beyene
Jun-1996Factors Affecting Teachers’ Job Satisfaction In Addis Ababa Public SchoolsDr. Tirussew Teffera; .Bonsa, Bayisa
Jun-1999Anaysis Of The Development And Validation Of An Entrance Examination In Arbaminch Teacher Training Instituteadvisor Dr. Ayele Meshesha,; Workinehe, TEMAMO
Jun-1991The Prediction of the Academic Achievement of Students from High School Grade Point Average, Eslce and Selected Aptitude Tests in the Junior College Of CoerceDr. Hekonnen Yimer; Kebede, Aderra
Jun-1991The Predictive Validitv Of Secretarial Tests Given By The Institute Of Educqtidnal Research In Addis Ababa UniversityDr. Mekonnen Yimer,; .Desalegn, Chalchisa
May-1998The Influence Of Some Psychological Variables On Academic Achievement Of Students In High Schools, The Case Of Arsi ZoneDr. Abraham Husain,; ASSEFA, TAFA
Jun-1996Job Satisfaction Among Employees Of The Ethiopian Insurance Corporation, Dr. Ayele Meshesha,; kassahun, Wassihun
Jun-1990Teachers‘Estimation of Test Items Difficulty As An Indictor of Their Prior Knowledge of Students Academic PerformanceDr. Habtanu Wondinu; : Hailu, Sime