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Nutrient Density and Energy Relation of Selected Traditional Weaning Foods in Three Food Insecured Kebeles of Demba Gofa Woreda, Southern Ethiopia

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dc.contributor.advisor Retta, Nigussie (prof.)
dc.contributor.author Tuba, Tadele
dc.date.accessioned 2022-04-13T09:19:03Z
dc.date.available 2022-04-13T09:19:03Z
dc.date.issued 2012-06
dc.identifier.uri http://etd.aau.edu.et/handle/123456789/31317
dc.description.abstract Types, preparation, ingredient proportions, JYCF practices and Nutrient composilions of commonly used traditional weaning Joods in three kebeles (Dakisho Subo, Vba Phizgo and Falka Tsaw'lye) were studied. Data were collected using structured questionnaire ji'om mothers with children older than 6 months but younger than 24 months and evaluated Jor its nutrient components using standard procedures. Gruels prepared Jrom cereal flour were the first Joods introduced to children in Ihe kebeles and analysis results showed that, Crude protein was ranged ji-om 145 - 4. 27g1100 g with the crude Jat ranged ji-om 1.49 - 3.69g1100 g. The ash con/en/ ranged ji-om 1.63 - 3.20g1100 g with the fiber content ranged ji-om 2.37 - 5.27g.·1UUg. The carbohydrate and gross energy contents were ranged Jrom 85.64-90.23gIJ OOg and 379.87- 396.85kcaI1100g. Minerals calcium, iron and zinc contents rangedJrom 41.43 - J48.85mgl 100g; 24.80 - 39.95mg1100g and 0. 74 -. 2. 76mgl JOOg respectively. Antinutritional fe/ctor.l. PhylUles rangedJrom 23 7.94 - 299.70mg1100g and Tannins rangedji-om 33.92 - 81 .69mgl 1UUg There was low protein intake by children in the kebeles since their weaning Joods were mainly based on cereals with no other supplementation. Germination and roasting were used Jor the preparation oJJormulated IVeaning foods /;'om low cost locally uvailable ingredients and the nutrient compositions were analysed fiJI' prOleirl rangedji-om JO.8 / - 15.8/g1100g with theJat content were rangedji-om 1 . ./8 - ./03g. /()II~ The ash content rangedji-om 2.28 - 2. 57gl JOOg with the fiber content rangedji-om 1.96 - ./.U.JgI10Ug The carbohydrate and gross energy contents were rangedJrom 75.92- 81. 61g1100g and 381.08- 403. 19kca/1100g. Minera/s; calcium, iron and zinc ranged ji-om 15.38 - 56. 611/1g11 OOg. fi.oO - 17. 87mgll OOg and 1.72 - 5.1 8mgl1 OOg respectively. Antinutritional Jactors: Phylic acid ranged ji-om 191.61 - 269. 75mgl 100g and tannin ranged Jrom 12.55 - 4145mg1100g. The senSf)/Y acceptance tastes Jor Jormulated weaningJoods showed that panelists scored lik(~ moderately 10 like velY much in all allributes and the protein contents a/so were higher than rradilional weaningJoods. ThereJore all (he blends can be used as alternalives to (he 'veaning./oods in Ihe kebeles as well as in lhe Woreda 10 improve the nutritional SIC/tus oJchildren and help ro IOckle malnulrition. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Addis Ababa University en_US
dc.subject traditional weaning foods en_US
dc.title Nutrient Density and Energy Relation of Selected Traditional Weaning Foods in Three Food Insecured Kebeles of Demba Gofa Woreda, Southern Ethiopia en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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