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Title: Web Usage: Exploring Navigational Behavior of Users the Case of the Official Web Site of Addis Ababa University
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Fesseha, Awet
Keywords: Information science
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: Websites are becoming among the most important media for communicating with the stakeholders. Now a days, many organizations realized that the need to investigate the behavior of their website users are crucial to meet their objectives through undertake a research. One such a research undertakings is using web usage mining. Web Usage Mining (WUM), refers to the process of knowledge discovery from databases (KDD) applied to the Web data. It comprises three main stages: the preprocessing of raw data, the discovery of schemas and the analysis (or interpretation) of results. The redesigning task of the website has not ever taken a solid input except simple discussion and implementation internally. Indeed, the website designers, browsing expectation, and the actual user’s behavior navigation pattern were not considered. In order to develop improved website services, there are many options left for web administrator to evaluate the website. Firstly, the site designer could bring amendments on the website based on their expectations of users. Secondly, the web administrator or web master could collect information from users, using the different data collection methods like interview, discussion, or observation. Thirdly, researcher could use the web usage analysis to understand their web usage behaviors. In this research paper, the web server log files of the official web server were utilized to study the navigational behavior of users using the web utilization miner tool. Access log file was a target data source as can be shown in the navigational behavior of users. Based on the methodology proposed in Jaideep, et al (2000) was used in this research work comprised of log raw data, pattern discovery and pattern analysis. For discovery of navigational behavior, the Web Utilization Miner WUM was employed, a mining system for the discovery of interesting navigation patterns. The researcher using WUM’s mining language MINT dynamically specifies the interesting criteria for navigation patterns. The researcher found that there are directories, which are frequently visited in the website. Other findings are also discussed based on which recommendation is forwarded.
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