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Title: 1Enoch Among the Ethiopians: A Search for the Book’s Influence in the Light of selected Geez Texts
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dr. Olga Yazbec
Yewubdar, Demissie
Keywords: Book’s Influence;Geez Texts
Issue Date: 16-Jan-2013
Publisher: aau
Abstract: This thesis explores the influence of 1Enoch among the Ethiopians in the light of three selected Geez texts and in terms of Archetypal literary theory, particularly as discussed by N. Frye. The main objectives of the study are investigating the influence of Enochic myths in shaping the thought pattern of Ethiopian writers and to explain the role of these myths in the selected texts. In order to accomplish the aforementioned objectives the writer of this study tries to review relevant literature in relation to 1Enoch, its history in Ethiopia and previous studies undertaken in the area. Moreover, archetypal literary theory, focusing on the insights of Frye, who argues that myths/archetypes are the underling narrative structures of literary works, is discussed. Then an attempt is made to go through the selected Geez texts in accordance with the reviewed literature and theoretical framework by focusing on the thematic aspects of the texts and their narrative structure in relation to the mythical narrative patterns of 1Enoch. In the analysis it is pointed out that the mythical narrative patterns of Enochic myths are the underling narrative structures of the three selected Geez texts. The writers’ special affinity towards these myths was mainly due to their convenience to structure the narratives of the subject texts, which are primarily concerned with praising prominent figures of Ethiopia and the country itself. On the other hand, the subject texts have a common agenda of creating an exalted identity for the Ethiopian nation, thus this issue has become the main point the writers of the three texts tried to promote. From the analysis of the three Geez texts it is concluded that 1Enoch with its central figure Enoch and his extraordinary wisdom, achievements and greatness has become a catch to the Ethiopian writers. In addition to this, the writers of the subject texts have struggled, in their works, to make the Ethiopian people the greatest of all nations of the world.
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