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Title: Aesthetics Vis-a-Vis didacticism with special reference to the books of Isaiah and Jonah
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Dr. Yonas Admassu
Issue Date: 27-Nov-2012
Publisher: aau
Abstract: This study is concerned with the relationship between 'aesthetics' and 'didacticism' in literature. How these concepts are used in criticism and their coexistence are dealt with concisely. It is an attempt to show how 'aesthetics' and 'didacticism' can go hand in hand in a work of art to have an impact on readers. Both the concepts, in their appealing and instructive natures, can help a literary work achieve its purpose when joined pertinently. On the whole, the research's attempt is to obviate the separation and accentuate the harmony between 'aesthetics' and 'didacticism'. Following this, how the aesthetics helps the didactic serve its purpose is also discussed in the paper. The concepts are entertained in relation to passages selected from the prophetic sections of the Bible. Excerpts from The Book of Isaiah and Jonah are analyzed in line with the concomitant relationship between the two concepts. The analyses are worked out to show how 'didacticism', instruction, becomes more effective when accompanied by 'aesthetics' or artistic beauty. It is in the manner of this research, then, to finally show on the ground of the analyzed passages that the two concepts are also intertwined in literary works, of which the Bible is considered one. It is attempted in the study to indicate evidently that, no matter how much distinction is put between 'aesthetics' and 'didacticism', there is an ample 'room' in the literary world to accommodate both as complementary to each other.
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